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A Meditative Journey...

Please join me for a journey through the world of art while sharing my background including over half a century of experience as a prolific and dedicated artist.

I am an American artist born in Egypt with over 50 years of experience in creating “highly vibrant” modern abstract art. My intention is to express powerful ideas about art, sharing art education and culture, while keeping the world informed about my work as an artist and the philosophy behind it.

Many of the articles that will be published here will have an informative nature, include editorials and possibly feature guest writers in the future. This blog will serve as a medium to give a voice to many of the serious topics surrounding art discussions. We will discuss the intricacies of the complex and elusive world of abstract art while touching on topics at various engagement levels to reach a wide audience.

At an early age, I had the privilege of studying classical art techniques as an apprentice under a talented master. After graduating with a BA degree from Ain Shams University, I moved to New York in the 1960’s and became immersed in the modern abstract art movement.

I have been developing different series of artworks over the last several years. A main focus during the last decade has been my Isness Series. These paintings are created through a process that starts with a deep meditative state. Complex color combinations and fluid compositions are used to create the desired resonance. These paintings are created from a balanced and centered inner place.

Awareness 16, 48"x48" by Bassmi

Awareness 16 (Sold), 48"x48" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

My work is essentially more intuitive in nature than it is intellectual. Visions are developed and captured during the creative process while incorporating vibrant color, aesthetic form and energy to achieve a dramatic staging.

Isness 154, 48"x48" by Bassmi

Isness 154, 48"x48" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

Layers of Silence is a series of artworks that I have been developing over the last few years. These works are meditative reflections that have a beautiful soothing stillness to be enjoyed. These are available for viewing on my website at this time. More works from Layers of Silence will be added as the series progresses.

Layers of Silence 7 by Bassmi

Layers of Silence 7, 30"x60" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

Layers of Silence 25, 48"x60" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

Vibrational States is a ground breaking series I am currently developing. This body of work explores beneath the surface of our digital technology to discover a new world of aesthetic arrangements. I have recently added a new gallery for Vibrational States on my website. As this series develops further I will add more works.

Pathways 1, 30"x70" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

Pathways 1, 30"x70" Mixed Media on Canvas by Bassmi

Visit our blog regularly for insights on the latest about my art and more. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to stay in touch and learn more about my art.

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