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The Indwelling Observer...

“The only true self is the indwelling observer. It is totally intelligent, totally loving and has total wisdom.” – Bassmi

Layers of Silence 11

Many of us go through life looking for our identity trying to figure out who we are. This is a futile practice like trying to grab the wind. The Tao puts it beautifully by presenting the idea that all there is, is the isness of being. To find our true self is to steer away from the ideas indoctrinated in us by our culture and seek the indwelling observer, an area that we can access freely at will.

The indwelling observer is the gift of the universe to all of us. As we learn to access this area of our being we discover our ability to watch ourselves unbiased and non-reacting. Not only are we able to watch our being but also the entire existence and thereby discover our true self.

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